با توجه به برگزاری دوره  ام پی اچ توسط مرکز تحقیقات ایدز وابسته به دانشگاه علوم پزشکی شیراز، از علاقمندان تقاضا می گردد طبق دستور العمل و پس از تکمیل فرم پیوست، اقدام به ثبت نام نمایند.

The Virtual Master of Public Health Program

Application Information

The Virtual Master of Public Health Program is conveniently managed by the Shiraz HIV/AIDS Research Center in international and national level, affiliated with Shiraz University of Medical Science


The mission of the Master of Public Health Program and Short training courses is to provide quality education and leadership in community-based research and practice. Through collaborative efforts with communities, the Program promotes health and seeks to prevent HIV with special emphasis on the HIV related risky behavior among at-risk and hard to reach populations in Shiraz, the nation, region and the world.

To achieve its mission, the Program developed the following goal statements to address each of the two primary functions of instruction and research. 

Instructional Goal: To graduate students with discipline-specific and core competencies to enable them to contribute to the promotion of health and HIV prevention, with a focus on the HIV related risky behavior among at-risk and hard to reach populations. 

Research Goal: To provide context in order to generate knowledge in the reduction of risk and prevention of HIV among at-risk populations. 

For more information and apply for this program, please read and fill the V- MPH application form carefully. 

Application form

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