Shorghan project

Adolescence is the period of idolizing, growth, and exploration, which may lead to venturesome behavior and activities that would have negative consequences. Venturesome behavior increase probability of physical, psychological, and social destructive consequences in the person. One of the destructive results of involving in venturesome behavior during this period is being infected by diseases like HIV. These behavior are severely correlated to each other in adults. Most venturesome behavior such as using cigar, alcohol, drugs, and deathtrap sexual relations occur before 18 years of age. In Iran, most sexual carelessness occur in 16 to 21 years of age. Due to growth fast changes, drugs abuse in many people start from adolescence, and one of the main ways of reduction in use in adulthood, is prevention of tendency to drugs use in adolescence. The research performed show that adolescence is the most critical life period for tendency to drugs use, and that secondary and high schools are natural environments for starting the use of these drugs. Nowadays, prevalence of the youth venturesome behavior has become one of the main concerns of the society, and despite activities done in the previous years, the youth venturesome behavior have had ascending growth throughout the country.


Considering the prevalence of the social damages in marginal areas, especially metropolises like Shiraz, Aids Research Center has performed interference plan called evaluation of the effect of psychological and social interferences on venturesome behaviors of the adults residing in Shiraz Sharghan marginal area.

This study began in 2015 through efforts of Aids Research Center, and could attract cooperation of governmental organizations such as Welfare Organization, Governor Office, and Educational Department. After holding several sessions and intersection sympathies, the plan's first phase began since 2016. In this phase, society recognition was studied and pretest of venturesome behavior was implemented. According to the statistical analysis of the collected data, research team agreed that qualitative study of venturesome behavior must also be considered for deeper recognition of the target society, whose results have been so considerable, and represented prevalence of venturesome behavior more than that represented by results of the quantitative study.

Sympathy session with presence of higher managers of the Governor Office, Welfare Organization,
                                 Educational Department, and personnel of Aids Center

  Sympathy session with presence of managers, supervisors, teachers, and personnel of Welfare
                         Organization, Educational Department, and Governor Office

Considering the results from the second phase of pretest step, the study was implemented in the interference form in framework of training sessions. In order for evaluation of the training sessions, three skillful supervisors evaluated at least 2 sessions held by each teacher, and presented the result in the framework of evaluation form provided as strength and weakness points

                                                   Training session in Shorghan Secondary School