Approved Research Projects

An investigation of stigma of HIV/AIDS from the point of view of health care providers in Shiraz city
Estimating the Number of HIV-infected Cases from 1370 to 1389 in Fars Province Using the Capture and Recapture Methods

Socioeconomic and cultural influences upon risk related practices among female sex workers and their clients in Shiraz southern of Iran, a qualitative study
Survey of dermatologic manifestations among HIV positive patients refer to Shiraz voluntary counselling and testing center,1391-1392  Prevalence of hepatitis E among patients with HIV in Shiraz 
Pattern of HIV drug resistance to existing antiviral drugs in Shiraz, Iran
The effect of 8 weeks combinational exercises on physical function, IL2, TNFα, TGF-B and body composition in women suffering from HIV infection
The Role of Social Support, Depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Prediction of the Antiretroviral Medication Adherence in HIV/AIDS Patients
The food habit and nutrtion status of HIV+ people under coverage of VCT refer to Shiraz voluntary counselling and testing center 2011-2012