The Shiraz HIV/AIDS research center as the Second HIV/AIDS research center in Iran, affiliate with the Shiraz University of medical sciences,has been established in 2008 as an organisation to research for Prevention and Treatment of HIV and AIDS. The HIV/AIDS Research Center located in shiraz- south of Iran- is staffed by 15 senior scientists and 33 support personnel.
The Shiraz HIV/AIDS Research Center has been working on various aspects of HIV/AIDS such as clinical, Social, Psychological, Behavioral and Epidemiological Studies, with specific focus on psychosocial aspects of HIV/AIDS.The fields of our expertise are research,education and counselling related to HIV/AIDS. We carried out a wide range of research studies on addiction, harm reduction, HIV prevalence and high risk behaviors in high risk populations such as IDUs, sex workers and long distance truck drivers.
SHARC is trying to become HIV/AIDS
hub for psychosocial researches in the EMRO region. Achieving this goal is not possible without any scientific collaboration of other related centers. Hence, SHARC  is ready for any cooperation with other institutions in national and international level.

The current foundation of our research is:
1- Psychosocial aspects of HIV/AIDS
2-- Assessment of knowledge and performance of people who are exposed to HIV/AIDS
or infected with HIV/AIDS
3- HIV Prevention and interventional studies on students, female sex workers, MSMs and IDUs
4- Sexual health, public health and mental health of people living with HIV/AID
5- Sexual health promotion programs in female sex workers, MSMs and IDUs
6- Assessment of HIV prevalence and high risk behaviors in high risk population
7- Evaluation of the impact of existing intervention
8- Reproductive health knowledge and behavior change amongst youth
9- Transmission of HIV including Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT)
10- HIV/AIDS Orphans and Children
11- Microbiology of infections

12- TB and HIV/AIDS: early diagnosis, co-infection with HIV, treatment adherence, drug resistance
13- Antiretroviral therapy in HIV/AIDS
14- VCTs (Voluntary testing and counseling) & DICs (drop in centers): The impact of harm reduction centers on HIV related practice change among HIV+ patients