Psychosocial Research

People living with HIV have very specific psycho-social issues they deal with. Our interest in this field are:
-Social and cultural factors associated with HIV-AIDS like stigma and descrimination
- Risky behaviors
- Family and community role in illness
- Social support & social isolation
- Co-morbidities such as mental disorders & substance use
- Sprituality & religous beliefs among PLWHA

Main researchers in this field:

Dr. Hasan Joulaei
Ph.D in Pharmacy  
Dr. Parvin Assar Kazerooni    
Specialist of  Community Medicine

Dr. Mojtaba Naghshvarian
Specialist of Neurology

Dr. Nasrin Motazedian  
Specialist of  Community Medicine

Mahmood Aminilari
M.A in Psychology  

Nooshin Zarei  
M. A in Social Sciences -Demography